WLtoys 12428 1-12 Car

WLtoys 12428 1/12 Car,Evaluation And Testing!! Leave a comment

wltoys 12428 rc car 10 minutes of the use of time, 50KM / H speed, 3 hours of charging time, remote control distance greater than 100 meters, 2.4G remote control mode, the battery is 7.4V 1500mAh large lithium battery, the charger is 7.4V 500mA European regulation three- 540 brush motor drive motor, structural control simulation, with bright LED lights, you can forward and backward, turn left and right.

wltoys 12428 35 °hanging large twist angle, universal transmission shaft will be assigned to the front and rear axle differential, the twist angle up to 35 °, the tire rotation has more selectivity, driving more flexible. High torque force motor, the best time Speed up to 50km / h, power surging no fear of any hard road, a start is unstoppable! Independent suspension suspension system, independent suspension design, four wheels are exclusive coil spring, both sides of the wheel can be independent movement, full elasticity, shock effect is good, driving more smoothly. All-round remote control, forward / backward, turn left / right turn, acceleration / deceleration, brake, drift remote control too stimulating, waiting for you to challenge!

wltoys 12428-The chassis is high, strong crashworthiness, chassis high-profile positioning structure, rugged inside the same unbridled climbing; material quality, craft fine, shell explosion-proof waterproof PVC, without fear of various hardships, fine paint, the details of the car wearing a helmet The driver, he is ready to open a limit to explore the journey; metal parts, high-speed car running behind the extreme, the internal parts of the same severe test, select the alloy gear, because it is smooth and easy to play, to ensure more efficient operation, compared to When the other tires are damaged, it will be the perfect replacement, if you think it is just on the rear when the decorations to enjoy, then you can be large, the tire can be replaced, Wrong!

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