MJX X904 RTF RC Quadcopter Lntroduction And Evaluation Leave a comment

MJX X904 with reverse power design, because of the unique shape of the structure, the use of inverted design of the motor and fan, the use of reverse power, the same can easily control, built-in six-axis gyroscope, built-in six-axis gyroscope flight system to ensure that the aircraft The stability of the stability and stability of the flight and hover, so that the aircraft in flight can be more stable shooting.

MJX X904 Transmitter high and low speed switch, remote control using second gear speed mode, according to their own control situation to switch to vulgar and high speed, the degree of increase in turn, beginners and professionals are optional .2.4GHz wireless technology, fast response, Ability, 2.4GHz is the use of specific frequency band, if you want to convert into the familiar MHz, then it is 2400MHz, so also known as high frequency, in general, is not caused by the same frequency interference, and 2.4GHz band put dry But also the first to achieve results .2.4GHz has a great advantage, even in the same space there are other people in the flight does not need to determine the frequency, that is not the same frequency interference problems, do not need to crystal exchange Cumbersome frequency change action.

MJX X904 with a key 3D roll, the aircraft flew to more than 3 meters after the height, press the normal mode / tumbling mode key to switch the roll mode, the throttle speed up, followed by the remote joystick forward / backward or left / Right side of the fly in any direction to play in the end, and then quickly back to this time, the aircraft can achieve the corresponding direction of the rocker rolling action.Every time to complete the rolling action need to push the original height and then push the throttle , And pause for 2 seconds before completing the second rollover action.

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