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THE Hubsan X4 H107l is actually a remote control aircraft, its size is very small;weight is very light,even if the weight of the handle is only about 250g,while the aircraft itself is only palm-sized.After a period of experience we found THE HUBSAN X4 four-axis aircraft as entertainment is too much to use,mainly because of its compact body to provide portability.

Hubsan H107l four-axis aircraft using a wireless 2.4GHz connection,the farthest connection range of 150 meters (the actual use of this distance are very difficult to see the aircraft).In addition,THE HUBSAN X4 four-axis aircraft standard accessories,including aircraft x1,remote control x1,aircraft battery x1,battery charger x1,accessories is quite comprehensive,but the remote control also need to purchase another 4/7 batteries.

THE HUBSAN X4 four-axis aircraft remote control feel slightly larger,but the overall sense of grasp is very good,more comfortable to control.THE HUBSAN X4 remote control handle in addition to the conventional two control rod,but also the design of the direction,lift,throttle,aileron fine-tuning,the player can play in accordance with the aircraft body tilt,targeted to fine-tune the aircraft,To achieve the best balance effect.

This is the Hubsan X4 Quadcopter Drone four-axis aircraft it!Only the size of the palm of it it is the weight of the battery only less than 40g.From the appearance of view of the HUBSAN X4 four-axis aircraft a bit like “frog”,the overall structure of the fuselage is mainly four motors and a central control of the core and the battery composition,the use of lightweight;high toughness of the material design of the fuselage The Although it appears that THE HUBSAN X4 aircraft will feel very fragile,but the actual use we found that its anti-drop is very high,often a few meters high altitude suddenly fell off nothing.However,its propeller may not be so force, and in the absence of a protective device, the propeller of the THE HUBSAN X4 is easily damaged in the crash.

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