Orlandoo OH35A01 KIT DIY Jeep simulation Rc Car

Orlandoo OH35A01 the bridge became slim and the bridge was drastically reduced. Attached to the new bridge comparison at a glance:
The steering gear to 2.2g, steering mechanism to improve the previous generation of rod interference to solve the problem, and can use a longer steering gear arm to achieve greater steering angle (of course, short wheelbase also contributed a lot of steering).
Metal girder non-loadable axle structure, the overall has been very close to 1:10 climbing!
We had plenty of space for electronic equipment and battery and line, and there was trailing clip, and it was quite refreshing.
The factory all holes are playing well, no longer have to use the previous generation need to punch their own scraping and playing crooked.
The most important, shape, shape! The
Some aspects of personal feel there is room for improvement.

Orlandoo Hunter OH35A01 material seems to be more fine, although not affect the use, but the model Well, playing is the mood is to enjoy the smooth surface of the material is always more comfortable with some, Tamiya is not so Well.

Orlandoo OH35A01 parts Part of the mold accuracy is not enough, especially concentrated in the drawbars head, many are not smooth, and ultimately even affect the whole car twist flexibility. Of course, can create such a small model is not easy, to achieve considerable accuracy I think it should be higher than the 1:10 car several orders of magnitude friends.

orlando rc kit super-miniature bearings, bridge gears are brass, a new generation of bridges than the generation of slim a lot of work, need to improve the head, I encountered cracking situation, but fortunately KIT pull the head of the spare there are several, find the instructions On the bar with a small mistake in the English version said 11mm, the Chinese said 9mm, the practice should be about 9mm.

orlandoo 1 35 oh35p01 build Bridge completed, looks good, but also smooth enough, here to say, the bridge output shaft on both sides of the bearing must be pressed, the other bridge shell screws do not have too tight, otherwise it will cause a card card situation. Visual brass gear, the motor comes with a reduction gear set, so the gearbox is saved.

best of orlando 2017 A variety of steering gear arm size, 1-6 kinds of length, manual recommended on the 2nd, in fact, I use the No. 4, both to increase the steering process will not interfere with the rod, of course, the corresponding steering rod to adjust the length of the steering gear is 2.2 G, than the previous generation of 1.7g effort a lot.
Shock and generation of the same structure, the difference is given to the four C card used to adjust the shock hardness, this is good, unfortunate shaft effect roll can be used, no gasket, and the middle of the support structure needs a little polished Get in.

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