WLtoys F959 Sky King RTF RC Airplane,Cool!!! Leave a comment

WLtoys F959 Sky King three-channel rear-push glider, can carry high-definition camera; remote control distance of 200 meters, automatic frequency can be achieved more than one remote control without interference, real-time monitoring of aircraft signal strength, modulation, fine-tuning, power and other data , A large number of camel can be adjusted, can be suitable for beginners to adjust; sustainable flight for 15 minutes, gliding flight can reach 25 minutes.
WLtoys F959 ultra-light body production, the whole weight of only 100 grams, streamlined design, reduce flight resistance, improve flight power, glider with the aircraft significantly different from the long wing, body shape slender; configuration high-performance motherboard, control direction , In the case of no wind, the glider in the descending flight to rely on its own weight component to get forward momentum, in order to achieve air gliding flight; in the rising air, the glider can be like a hawk wings like a fly Or by rising the power of the motor through the thrust can be achieved flying; use the direction of the control of the glider in the air when the free tilt; turn off the motor glider gliding hover; by group 60 motor strong driving glider straight into the sky, With the lift, you can achieve glider flying somersault.

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