WLtoys A959 RC Car:Stunt Monster Truck!!! Leave a comment

WLtoys A959 Car,Configuration simulation shock absorber, a unique simulation of shock absorption, in the high-speed car when the effective reduction in the vibration is smooth, encounter obstacles can effectively reduce the momentum; body part of the wheel with active shock absorber, high-speed When driving the car can reduce the driving caused by the instability caused by driving; 2.4GHz technology, high-speed car remote control distance to further enhance the 150M ultra-long distance remote control, anti-interference ability, Raiders consumption less; maximum speed 50KM / H, super power Use 390 mechanical and electrical, with super power, just light and throttle to show its powerful power; differential drift, four-wheel drive, with a powerful power, the body has a better way to complete the drift movement; Tires are made of very thick rubber, with a strong grip, not easy to slip, thick rubber layer more wearable.

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