WLtoys V911 2.4G 4channel RC Helicopter,Cool!!!

WLtoys V911 operation responsive, with two lithium batteries and two battery balance charge, remote control with a high-end LCD screen can display the function control effect, in order to facilitate the direction of flight control.
WLtoys V911 high-quality color paint, high color reproduction, all-round display products of high quality texture; single-layer propeller design, can minimize the wind resistance, flight more quickly and sensitive, is the toy type sculls coaxial helicopter can not match; domineering The body of the streamlined design to reduce the wind resistance of the aircraft, the use of imported materials, soft and yet tough, by the impact will not be deformed, tail personality design, more effective offset the rotation force to maintain the balance of the aircraft; the body without any useless Accessories, condensed to the most simple body, easy to dismantle, replacement parts more convenient, beginners can easily get started. More flying fun, you need to explore!!!

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