UDI U941A 4 Transform RC Quadcopter,So Cool!!! Leave a comment

UDI U941A flight duration about 8-10 minutes;control distance about >30 meters;battery for transmiter:4*5AA battery (not included);product material:plastic,alloy,electronic components;applicable Age:>14.

UDI U941A This product has four kinds of modeling transformation, 6-axis gyroscope self-stabilization, can air flight / ground walking / wall crawling, 360 ° tumbling stunt; equipped with LED color light, known as the night of the wizard, a Products meet your multiple wishes, two colors any of your choice.With a 2.4GHZ remote control output technology to support multi-person at the same time competitive, do not interfere with each other.Gold color beautiful, high-quality paint, UFO cover pattern, easy to wear does not fade; independent motor, power more foot, flight more sensitive; High damage is not easy to greatly improve the drop resistance performance; the lower part of the fuselage with high-definition camera, high resolution, excellent picture quality.

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