XinXun F22/B2 — RC Quadcopter For Military Model Fighter!!


XinXun F22/B2 this product 4CH Channel,Control distance about 50-100 meters,2.4G exclusive high-performance wireless remote control,with superior anti-jamming performance,real-time signal transmission,remote remote control;multi-function four-axis screw drive,Around the side fly,multi-file speed, etc.can;simulation line models,effectively reduce the flight air resistance,truly stealth high-speed flight.


And,built-in the most advanced gyroscope chip,set variable speed,side fly,all-round fine tuning and so on,using the slot to connect peripherals,easy and easy disassembly;EPS material chassis,shell made of EPS EPS,High quality and flexibility,so that the aircraft more freedom to hold,effective protection of the body electronic components is not easy to damage.

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