YiZHAN X4 – 6 Axis Gyroscope RC Quadcopter,Cool! Leave a comment

YiZHAN X4 specs for small four-axis aircraft, suitable for indoor space and wind less than 4 outdoor flight, built-in six-axis gyroscope, flight stability easy to operate, and support hand throw off.


YiZHAN X4 sales aircraft system with automatic balance function, with the yo angle throwing and not affected, throwing into the space and then push the remote control lever, the aircraft regardless of which angle will automatically adjust to the horizontal state.


YiZHAN X4 price with 360 ° tumbling function, can be in front and rear direction in different directions to roll, speed sensitive, accurate positioning! Press the remote control 3D mode button, the steering lever can be free to roll .and the machine has a strong anti-fall Ability, the use of professional model aircraft materials, and equipped with a full range of multi-angle protection of the anti-collision cover.

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