So Sexy!!! 9901 Remote Control Centipede Poison Animal Model Toy

Centipede Animal Model Toy is actually a remote control aircraft,its size is very small,the weight is very light,11even if the weight of the handle is only about 300g11,and the aircraft itself is only the size of the palm of the hand.

Applicable:7-12 years old / 13 years old or older
Features:Simulation Centipede
Toys Category:Other Toys
The most important thing is the price is very cheap,only need:$15.13.

In addition, the standard parts of the Centipede Animal Model Toy Features:
Emotional,Visual,Intellectual Development / Crawling / Hands-on Brain / Gripping / Sensory / Hand-eye coordination / Other Ability Training / Interactive Toys / Hearing / Parent-child Exchange / Interest training

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